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The EBC flagship sintered streetsport pad that delivers highest braking power, stability and long life. Ultra high HH rated friction TÜV tested and ECE R 90 brake safety approved, there are few pads on the market to meet or beat the performance of Double-H pads. Made in the EBC state-of-the-art sintering plant in Ohio, USA, these pads stop fast – wet or dry – and last for thousands of miles. Most manufacturers build bikes using sintered metal pads and these are direct replacements for that technology with several differences. First the refined compounds researched and used exclusively EBC are second to none in terms of quality of materials and workmanship. Secondly almost all EBC Double-H sintered pads use EBC design perforated stainless steel heat and noise shields on the reverse side, keeping brakes cooler by reducing heat transfer into the bikes hydraulics and dampening noise.


A. 113.4 x 52.2 x 9.65mm B. 97.27 x 39.7 x 9.65mm    
X-Max 125 ABS  18-20 F
X-Max 125 ABS Tech Max  19-20 F
X-Max 300 ABS  17-20 F
X-Max 300 ABS Tech Max  19-20 F

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